Why Healthcare Shadowing

Bringing The Present And Future Of The Healthcare Community Under One Roof!

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What is in it for you?

As a Healthcare Professional, you will get a chance to:

Guide and Mentor:

As a Healthcare Professional, you will get a chance to help and guide the next generation of healthcare professionals, thus doing your bit for the future of the healthcare sector.

Earn supplemental income:

Once you get on board with Healthcare Shadowing, you will get a chance to earn supplemental income depending on a feedback survey we receive from the student after each call.

Giving back to the community:

Helping present high school, undergraduate and graduate students in taking the right career decision surely feel great as the youth can accomplish great things with proper guidance. Working with Healthcare Shadowing is the best way to help develop a better future.

Earn CME credits:

To maintain medical licensure, one of the requirements is CME - Continuing Medical Education. These act as a motivation towards continuous skill improvement practices. In order to achieve CME Category 1 Credits, you can mentor on Healthcare Shadowing and earn some CME credits easily.

Teach the future of the medical generation

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As a Healthcare Professional, the student will observe your day-to-day responsibilities and tasks for better insights into their dream career. On the flip side, you will get a chance to teach the student, guide them through their journey.

All this in 3 easy steps:

sign up for shadowing a doctor


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Set-Up Your Healthcare Professional Profile

set up calendar for shadowing a doctor

Set-Up Your Calendar

And Voila! You’re a Healthcare Professional at Healthcare Shadowing.

While shadowing the student is more like a “Fly on the wall”, silently observing everything you do; from visiting patients and reviewing notes to conducting procedures.

Sermon For The Healthcare Professionals

Physician Shadowing
Our community is growing at a rapid pace!
Mentoring is a huge responsibility, and remember, your words and actions will affect someone’s future!

As an HCP, you don’t need to prepare an entire conversation beforehand. You just need to answer questions and discuss the opportunities students in the medical sector will have but in a professional way. We expect you to simply talk about your experiences, what all they should know and consider before opting for this profession and what they can expect out of it. You can share your own stories, what helped you, what you knew and what you wished you knew. Keep it simple and try to clear as many doubts of students as you can.

We are accepting applications from Healthcare Professionals - Allopathic Physicians and Osteopathic Physicians, to get on board with us. Professionals who are Dentists, Pharmacists, Physician Assistants, Nurses, and Nurse Practitioners are also welcome.

According to a report by AAMC, there has been an increase of 6.2% in medical school applications leading the numbers to rise to 52,550 from 49,480.

With growing competition in the Medical Schools, you want to make sure that your application stands out. And what can be better than having a prior Shadowing experience?

It’s true that communication technologies have become much more advanced, but when it comes to shadowing, finding the right physician is still quite difficult.

According to the UW School of Medicine, (No.1 in Seattle Metro Area and in Washington) "applicants should shadow for at least 40 hours in the U.S."

We designed Healthcare Shadowing specifically for students who aspire to attend medical schools - the future of the medical generation and with the active participation of both students and professionals, we look forward to encouraging their involvement in the health care community.

Who Can Benefit From This Platform?

Healthcare Shadowing brings to you an immersive and intense experience that familiarizes you with the challenges faced in the medical profession.

  • Students who are looking to gain some hospital work experience in order to make an informed decision about whether they want to pursue a career in healthcare or not.
  • Medical aspirants, who are applying to medical schools and want to build a competitive portfolio to support their application.
  • Junior doctors who are either planning to study further and specialize in a particular domain or just want to enhance their clinical experience portfolio.
With Healthcare Shadowing you can get guidance from medical experts on the go!v

How Is Shadowing Using the Healthcare Shadowing Platform Beneficial?

You will be shadowing a mentor(accredited medical doctor) - who will guide you through your hospital experience that will help you gain insight into a career in clinical medicine and surgery.

  • As a pre-med student, shadowing a doctor can add great value to your portfolio. It will present you as a proactive and determined person and be a representation of your seriousness towards this profession.
  • It will help you make an informed decision about whether you want to pursue a career in medicine and healthcare or not.
  • You might even get opportunities(during breaks) to ask the doctor questions, thus gaining valuable insights from their experiences as a medical practitioner.
  • You might even get opportunities(during breaks) to ask the doctor questions, thus gaining valuable insights from their experiences as a medical practitioner.

As a student, you will be able to silently soak in the day-to-day, moment-to-moment realities of the career you want to pursue.

To be honest, becoming a doctor isn’t a “Cakewalk”, the path is, without a doubt,a long and difficult one. So you need to ensure that you can and you truly want to do it, day-in and day-out and

Shadowing Is The Perfect Opportunity To Do That.